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Bingo Volunteer


Thank you!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Seriously. We can't thank you enough! 


You might be wondering what wrestling and bingo could possibly have in common. Here's your answer. Xtreme Bingo proceeds help fund our wrestling club and keep our membership costs down. The best part is that you can support MXW by volunteering at Xtreme Bingo AND earn money towards anything wrestling related, including MXW memberships, tournament fees, transportation, gear, etc,

You may also be wondering what you would have to do if you do volunteer. This may be the easiest volunteer gig ever. You walk around the bingo hall and sell pull-tabs to bingo patrons. That's it!

The truth is, if we do not have volunteers at Xtreme Bingo, the funds generated for our wrestling club will decrease and MXW costs will go up. Who wants that!? Come help MXW out and earn some MXW credit while you are at it.

You can volunteer at Xtreme Bingo, 502 W McKinley Ave , Mishawaka, on any Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday Night (5-10pm). Please arrive by 5pm and we ask that make at least a two-hour commitment. Just one night of volunteering at Xtreme Bingo can earn you $50 towards your wrestling costs ($10 per hour)!

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